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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Trust us to help you evaluate your current state, work through your challenges, and create a strategic roadmap for your success.

Too often, traditional strategic planning approaches are rooted in past assumptions and dated insights. Epromptus helps organizations build strategies around what tomorrow’s disrupters will be and where opportunities lie. Our strategy experts work with leadership teams to align around a shared vision for the future and the investments needed to realize it. We mitigate complexity by advising leaders on how to manage parallel strategies for improving today’s business and launching long-term growth initiatives.

Legacy business models and value propositions are not guaranteed to preserve organizations’ competitive advantage long term. We help leaders develop and manage a portfolio of innovations in order to design and scale new ventures for long-term success. Our experts work with you to set clear growth goals, create formal systems for testing ideas, set governance around new investments, launch and commercialize new products and nurture the leadership and talent needed to stay ahead of disruption.