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PHP, an open source server side scripting language for Apache, has taken over the world of web development. Playing a cardinal role in the LAMP combination, PHP has gained popularity that is hard to gauge. Since its inception ePromptus has been incessantly engaged with PHP development and making valued contribution to the open source framework.

Identified as a competency centre for anything and everything PHP, ePromptus has invested valuable years and resources addressing the challenges of the platform and exploring deeper abyss. So great has been ePromptus’s involvement with PHP that today ePromptus boasts of a proprietary framework to undertake PHP development. Our PHP development services include:

PHP Application Development

  • Combining PHP with JavaScript to develop dynamic and interactive applications for websites like calculators, pop-up windows, web counters, navigation systems.
  • Combining PHP with Ajax to develop better and faster applications promising richer end user experience.
  • Combining PHP with MySQL and PostgreSQL to develop database driven applications.

PHP CMS Development

  • Combining PHP with WordPress to create blogging applications.
  • Combining PHP with Drupal, Joomla, and other open source content management systems for publishing content on web and intranet.

PHP e-Commerce Development

Blending PHP with online store management systems like ZenCart, osCommerce, X-Cart and so on to develop e-commerce applications.